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Aug. 21st, 2013 09:06 pm
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 I spent the day with [personal profile] nny and [personal profile] pennyplainknits (<3) and it turned into, as usual an 'Oooh, I LOVED that one!' recs bonanza.

I haven't posted anything fannish to DW/LJ in forever, so: here. Have some vid recs! None of them are very new, I think they've all been on harddrives on several historical laptops of mine but they're ones I come back to and love.

Vogue by luminosity. Fandom: 300. Gorgeous, gorgeous vid with a lot of really sharp, effective cuts and combinations of clips. Beautiful!

Handlebars by Seah and Margie. Fandom: Doctor Who. This vid still gives me goosebumps. I use it to try to lure non-fannish people into fandom. A constructed reality that is creepy and apt and alarmingly true.

Gummi Bears in Atlantis by Chayiana. Fandom: SGA. This vid just makes me laugh. It's ridiculous.

Anything for Love by astolat and Speranza. Fandom: multifandom. A vid about getting suckered into new fandoms. 

My Brilliant Idea by lim. Fandom: SGA. All of lim's vids are fantastic, but I think this one is my favourite. It also introduced me to Jason Robert Brown, whose music it is set to and who I love. It's a John/Rodney vid that's superbly executed with a lot of original touches that really add to McKay's narrative.

The Adventure - Neville Longbottom by Greensilver. Fandom: Harry Potter. This one is the newest addition to my collection of much loved vids. Neville was so unsung! 

You Can Call Me... by SDWolfpup. Fandom: dueSouth. Mostly memorable to me for some ace lipsynching, and for the way the characters fit the lyrics. Beautifully done.

What about you guys? Any other recs? I love vids but am not in that part of fandom at all and never really come across them anymore.

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 ... is one where Stiles notices that Derek will read whatever random book is lying around when he lurks in Stiles's room. So, Stiles starts strategically buying self help books and leaving them out. Like, 'How to bond with a child of abuse: an adoptive parent's guide'; and 'sexualisation and exploitation: healthy expressions of femininity', and the books have always moved a little when Stiles finds Derek in his room. And then he notices that the books go missing for days at a time even when Derek doesn't need to see Stiles, and he starts to notice Isaac and Erica being a bit less crazy around school, a bit more grounded. Isaac stops beating on people, and Erica's smiles get less predatory and more genuine.

The next book he buys is called 'Dealing with Grief', because he worries, ok? And he doesn't see Derek for weeks after it disappears from his desk. Then, one day he comes home from school and there it is, sitting by his laptop, and the spine is cracked and the corners soft. Beside it is a book Stiles doesn't recognise: 'Teenage Horndogs: When is your friend's PDA TMI?' and it takes a second but then Stiles laughs out loud. Because Derek's cracking a joke. Derek's making fun. Stiles reads it cover to cover that night and it is full of unlikely and crass scenarios, lovingly detailed with far too many exclamation marks. But it doesn't matter how awful it is; he's smiling the whole time, light hearted.
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I had a [personal profile] pennyplainknits today! I did my best to incept her into Teen Wolf. For those of us (cough [personal profile] dodificus cough) who are "still living through the period of confusion prior to the inevitability of falling in love with Stiles" (see primer!), here are my recommendations for what newbies should be forced to watch/read (all spoilery):

Teen Wolf 101 primer by Hello Tailor: "My life was empty and barren, a tragic wasteland wherein I laboured under the assumption that Teen Wolf was a mediocre MTV show populated by a cast of bad actors with great hair. The real honest true truth is that every actor in Teen Wolf has brilliant comic timing (in addition to, yes, great hair), and one of the main characters is played by a guy who, despite having zero previous acting experience, is so talented his that his very presence onscreen is like an icecream scoop directly out of my heart. "

Teen Wolf: Disney Crack edition vid by Asreeshadowskeeper which is fabulous until the very last scene when it becomes epically apt and amazing.

The Teen Wolf Series one gag reel The whole cast is completely adorable. I normally cringe at anything to do with the actors who play the characters in my favourite shows, but these guys are too cute and I am a little bit in love with their little troupe.

Call Me Maybe vid by asreeshadowskeeper - A vid containing a lot of the slashy parts of series one. I'm a big Stiles/Derek fan, but I've got to admit that pretty much all of the guys in this show have slashy moments with pretty much everyone else. IT IS THAT KIND OF SHOW.

A vid by Kreugan which basically takes the piss out of series one, and is adorable. There is a lurking montage! <3

I've linked this before, but this is the beginning of the scene which takes the credit blame for me transitioning from having TW on in the background while I did other things to me desperately refreshing my torrents to see if Monday has miraculously happened while I wasn't looking. 1x09

In other news, I find the exclamations in all of my Twitter notifications really obnoxious. Someone replied to your tweet!!!! Someone mentioned you!!! Man, Twitter is so affection-starved.
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 I am feeling fannish!! I haven't felt properly fannish about anything since... SGA?! Torchwood? Wow, it's been a while, anyway.

So. If I have recently randomly added you to my reading list, it is because you are saying fun things about my newest fannish love, which is Teen Wolf. Specifically Derek/Stiles. Specifically the bit where Derek pins Stiles to his bedroom door and Stiles backchats while staring at his mouth. 

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 Is there any good Odo/Quark fic out there? Or am I on my own on that one?
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Uuuuhh... Mwa? The-- bwuh?

Abba duo linked to Torchwood Musical

Two things.

1) 'Torchwood musical', wtf?

2) Abba involvement, omgwtfbbq?

This had better NOT happen. *rocks in corner*

Although it might have been cute if Barrowman and GDL were involved?!
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I recorded and edited 92 minutes of podfic today! \o/ I am about a quarter of the way through the fic. This is the first of my podfics that I've wanted to get done just so I can put it on my ipod. I love longfic.

Do not let me ditch this one, oh mighty LJ! Nagging allowed and appreciated.

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Status of laptop: Dead

Status of WIP podbang: Missing, presumed dead

Status of me: !%&!*!
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I had plans to go to the cinema with Jim to meet R (an ex-housemate), and R's friend Steve who, incidentally, I fancy the pants off. Jim was driving my car, because I was putting on makeup in the passenger mirror for Steve's benefit. I quite often give Jim my keys - I'm not a bad driver, I'm just aware that Jim is a better driver than, possibly, everyone. He also likes to keep an eye on how my car is running. He is fully aware that I don't notice things like squishy tyres or squeaky brakes, and he's probably the only one who ever checks the oil.

Turns out that squeaky brakes are a problem. A week or so ago I got into my car after parking it on a hill and the handbrake felt stiffer than it had been. I ignored it completely, and ignored the occasional high whine, but Jim was all frowny as he drove and telling me I ought to get it checked out.

And then we approached a busy roundabout in the middle lane, with cars either side of us and cars ahead on the roundabout, and the brakes failed. Like, failed completely. They were operating at maybe 10% - which is nothing! - and made awful, awful noises. Apparently we left the brakes disks on the road behind us when they fell clean off the rear wheels. We had no option but to drive onto the roundabout. We were going a little too fast for comfort even had there been no other cars. We missed two cars by inches, and got honked at by a bunch of people, but, somehow, nobody got so much as a scratch.

We were about 500m and two more roundabouts from Jim's house. I'd have rolled to a halt somewhere awkward and obstructive, but Jim felt safe to get us home - we went along at about 15mph and he slowed us with the gears - which also sounded awful but not as awful as the brakes. This is part of why he rocks. My panic response is the hit the brakes; his evolves in nanoseconds into using the gears to slow down. I was already informing him of how much I loved and adored him by about 50 metres past the first crisis.

We switched cars, and after the cinema Jim drove me home - which is an hour round trip - and the next day he pulled a sickie to fix my car, and delivered it to my house. ♥

So, a thank you cake was in order.

cut for cake )

In the past few days I have also:

1) seen Eddie Izzard live. You have not lived until you've seen an intepretation of how dinosaurs might have attempted to communicate Christianity's ten commandments. Arghh roar argh argh, roar argh! Grr!

2) gone to Alton Towers, (it's a theme park) and queued up a lot to go in a halloween themed maze with actors whose job it is to scare and shock, and on rollercoasters that made my knees go wobbly. But not as wobbly as being in a car when the brakes failed.

3) applied for teacher training, although I remain unconvinced that I want to do it. But the deadline was approaching so I thought I'd cover that base and zap off an application. Pros: a honking great bursary while I train and then an actual salary. Cons: crowd control, having a boss, having to work mornings, having to go to teacher training.

4) eaten out four times. But they'd all been planned for ages and as such do not count as a spree: spending; calorific; or otherwise.

Phew. I need a lie in.


Oct. 6th, 2009 10:55 pm
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I recorded my favourite story by the wonderful [ profile] deltacephei for her birthday last weekend.

I'm sure you all already know her SGA fic, but if you haven't already read DC's stories, then run don't walk! She writes great dialogue, fun plots, and thoughtful tags and you can find her on LJ or at her website.

Title: Embrace Yourself (And Others Too) text, mp3
Author: [ profile] deltacephei
Reader: [ profile] tacittype
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: Adult
Summary: In which aliens make them do it, except that it's not quite so simple.
Length: 53:42 (8400 words)
Thanks to [ profile] dodificus for the lightning-fast beta!

And, DC recorded one of mine as well! Is it narcissistic to really enjoy your own story read out loud? Working Out: text and podbook. AND [ profile] cybel made art for the podbook, which I adore. ♥

I know it's a pain in the arse to give feedback on podfic, because you're usually not at your computer when you're listening. But - and not just me and DC - readers heart feedback and tend not to get very much at all. </mode="soapbox">

It looks like DC and I planned this but we didn't, honest. We're having a love-in this month!
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I just lost 45 minutes of podfic recording. Unedited, fortunately, or else it would be OMFGWWAAAAAAHHHHH! as opposed to the grumpy lowercase.

As I was saving the session in Audacity, it errored out because my HD was full. I cleared some space and saved again. It seemed fine. The save icon was greyed out; I took this as a positive sign. I just opened it up to edit, though - and it's blank. One long horizontal, blip-less line where the audio should be. I've looked in the temp folder, where there are eleven twelve second files and a six second file. The folder I thought it was saved to is empty (although it did save the name of the folder, fuck-you-very-much).

Is it gone forever, oh Audacity experts?

In other news, I have a date tomorrow night. It's my first date in ages, after a long string of losers put me off dates, and then a night of cringeworthily bad sex put me off men entirely. My mother asked me last weekend when I was going to start spawning to fulfil her latent grandmotherly desires. So, date.
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You all know about that survey, right?

The latest, via [ profile] rm, here, wherein Ogi says - and this is a direct quote - "Well, slash is kind of the female equivalent of the straight male interest in transsexuals."



But... What?!
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"Results not typical" - I should hope not! If their one golden rule made MY belly button move by ten centimetres, I'd have STRONG WORDS to say.

*claws eyes*
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  • I have bathed Dex twice today and he still smells unspeakable. I think I could burn my entire house down and still be able to smell fox poo.

  • The pusscat fell into my swingtop bin yesterday, from the counter. I thought cats were supposed to be rather more graceful than that? Lodger Amy and I laughed ourselves sick, and the kitty hung out with the vegetable peel in the bin like, 'I totally meant to do that! Shut up!' Also, she has just had her second round of antibiotics for what were both essentially infected skinned knees. My cat = special.

  • I got on the scales yesterday expecting to have gained, like, 50 kilos. But I still weigh what I weighed when I finished all the manual labour 18 months ago. How?! I am generally squishy all over, particularly in the hip area. It is my wobbly upper arms that bother me, though. I can only conclude that every gram of muscle has migrated and turned to fat. I think I ought to join a gym, as walking the dog is obviously insufficient. This does not please me. Or I could buy weights? Or use the 2 litre bottle of Ribena on my kitchen counter? *experiments, sulkily*

  • I saw the Time Travellers Wife on Friday with Amy. I thought I'd done all my crying over that story when I read the book in Starbucks on lunchbreaks in 2005. Apparently I had not.

  • I have been listening to everything FayJay (aka [info]pandarus) has ever recorded. Consequences of Falling (SPN) was beautiful and amazingly well read, even though I'm not in SPN fandom. The Crown of the Summer Court (Merlin) was hilarious, and had a special effect that was brilliantly executed. I'm currently listening to Tissue of Silver (HP) and am actually rationing myself. I don't think I've ever rationed a podfic before! Long and plotty, with fantastic character voices. So much love.

  • I took a lunchbox to the woods with Dex this morning (shortly before he rolled in the stench) and filled it with blackberries, out of which I have made a huge crumble. Yum! And, practically free, which makes me happy.

  • Is it nearly time for me to get to watch Robert Downey Jr in Holmes yet?



    How about now?

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So I spent the day reading Torchwood fic. I listened to a Torchwood audiobook while walking Dex. On the radio on the way home from the park, they played a snippet of an interview with John Barrowman. Come late afternoon, I thought enough was enough and I decided to cook. Yesterday, I bought a huge bag of bananas for thirty English pennies, so I googled banana bread. The first recipe to pop up looked good, so I made it (yum!) and then I noticed that whose recipe is it? John blimmin Barrowman's.

Then I made a chicken pie to provide actual sustenance before I pigged out on banana bread, and stuck on some music so I could dance around in the kitchen. And I spent the entire time plotting Torchwood vids I will never make, to Queen. Seriously, they're cracky, they're gay, everything is (understandably) life and death, and they have lyrics about: being champions of the world (I'm interpreting that in an Angel/BtVS way); not wanting to live forever; 'I love you! (But we only have 14 hours to save the Earth)'; precision with time; imminent death; insatiable appetites; and even the occasional orgasmic groan.

And ok, I'm fine with the universe at large contributing to my current obsession, and my subconscious is clearly on board. But if I dream about Torchwood tonight, can it be something exciting? Last night I dreamt about cleaning grout, so an improvement on that would be nice.
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For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, I spent two hours today limericking.

Here are three SGA limericks for your viewing pleasure. The other eight(!) were Torchwood, but they, uh, developed a narrative. So they'll be along at a later date.

There once was a man called McKay,
who hassled his people all day,
But Sheppard's around,
their love is renowned,
he doesn't let Rodney fillet

Atlantis was mighty and pretty
but morals were lost in the city
they spawned hungry wraith
nobody was safe
because they were led by committee

Our military leader is hairy
his style of command is contrary
he can't read a map
he'll kill in a snap
if not on our side he'd be scary

Blame [ profile] deltacephei .

How do you punctuate these things??!


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