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Guys, I am seriously considering writing an airport rom-com novel. But... you know, a cynical one.

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This year's been a bit hit-and-miss, but I think on balance the hits have it. So, yey me!

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Which episode was the first time that John called Rodney 'Rodney'? I'm writing a fic with parts set right after The Defiant One. Would it still be 'McKay'?

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Me and my shiner survived the weekend in London, and I had a a lot of fun with my school friend. We went to some bars and then a wine and cheese thing that was very grown up and sophisticated, until an obscene quantity of wine was consumed (them, not me) and then it was far more normal. I've got a lot of love for quality time with old friends - there's such a lot of affection and trust, and we just ribbed each other and shared news and advice and complaints. I once spent six months travelling with her, and we were together 24/7 the entire time, so she probably knows me better than anyone. I really ought to get down there more often.

I listened to podfic for the drive home and have been writerly all evening - 2000 words, which is a lot for me and feels great. It sucks a bit to be back here, though. Whenever I go home to London I remember how much I love it down there. I always feel a bit stifled when I come back here, where I live in suburbia with my business partner and her boyfriend... both of whom I adore, but I do sometimes want to throttle them and their happily-settled-together-in-love-ness, all certain opinions and throwaway assertions about my hometown. Which probably only annoy me because they're right, but it's like anything close to me - only I get to critique it, and when others do I get bloody-minded and defend it to the bitter end. But my life here is good and I'm just nitpicking. And one day I'll have made enough money from my burgeoning property empire to be able to move back to London... where I'll probably get fed up of the pace of life within about a month and wish for Nottingham again.

Hmm. Well. I left John and Rodney in the middle of an argument, so I'm gonna get back to that and figure out why they don't actually end it with a punch, because that's sort of where they're heading so far...
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I haven't been writing lately. Not at all. I have written so little that I'm thinking of posting a couple of WIPs just so I can pretend there's a bit of forward momentum in my fannish life. Can I declare my very own little WIP amnesty? Or will Fandom strike me down?

But I haven't just been sitting on my bum. I have been building!

Courses of bricks laid:
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8 / 58
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I've signed up to do [profile] brown_betty 's Documentation Challenge. Yey! This means I have to finish something for a deadline, which sometimes results in actual fic.

To those I promised drabbles to...  they're unlikely to ever materialise, for I am the least disciplined writer there ever was. Sorry! And now I have a job of all things, so my days aren't the endless wastelands they once were. Bizaarely though, the busier I get, the more likely I am to accomplish the things I want to accomplish, so... maybe?

(Technically, I've had a job this whole time - but I counted it up recently, and 37 days of work over a *year* do not full-time-make, now matter how extortionate our rate was.)

Is anyone actually interested in my work-related news? I find it endlessly fascinating and worthy of quite a lot of obsession.

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I really ought to be more stressed out about businessy things, what with the meetings and the spreadsheets, and the Teach Yourself Tax Rules With the Internet riff I'm on.... but I think it's all a bit too ridiculous to get too worked up about. This is how I get into a lot of the things I do; C and I reach this melting point where we just get blasé and go, 'oh, fuck it', and get by on blagging (me) and flirting (her). It'll be fine.

So, I spent my evening writing! I've got 2,000 words of a team-fic-with-whump in the making, but I'm not sure it counts because it was largely transcribed from paper. You remember, the stuff we used to use back when Pluto was a planet? In the dark ages when my computer wasn't in my room.

I started it back in September and don't remember it that well, and am discovering that I really like it. Only, I can't remember exactly where I was headed with it. And I want to get it beta'ed before I start to post. Anybody up for it? It'll probably be about 10,000 words in the end, and I've got more waiting to be typed up so I'm about a third of the way in.

In unrelated news, my new wisdom tooth has turned the gum it's trying to poke through into ragged coppery mush. I'm hungry but refraining from actual food because, ow. I'm feeling so much sympathy for toddlers right now.

Beta hunt

Jan. 22nd, 2007 06:50 pm
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So, I've got a meeting with my bank manager tomorrow to present the business plan that is not yet written, and what am I doing? Getting all overexcited about people giving me feedback on the ficlet I posted earlier.


Screw the whole shy, not wanting to post anything until it was done, edited to death and gathering dust while I waited to not love it so much anymore. Because if I can get positive feedback for something I write in a day, I'm going to be posting a whole lot more.

To replace my jittery, control-freak redrafting, I need a beta for McShep, PG sillyness. Where do I look and who do I have to bribe?
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So, I'm actually writing today. Writing! Usually I just stare blindly at the empty page for thirty seconds and then wander off to get coffee/chocolate/a housemate to play with.

I've got half a dozen WIPs on the go, so it's really about time I got off my arse and finished something. My natural writing length is long, but my ability to persevere is stunted and weedy. And I write *slowly*. I used to go out with a guy who said that he wasn't lazy, he was just chronically incapable of sitting down and getting started. He thought it was a disability. Anybody buying that?

Right. Back to the writing.


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