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I've got my dog back!!11!

Seriously, so pleased. His kidneys are a bit squiffy, but his liver's fine. The vet thinks he'll get better on his own. I'm taking him for more blood tests on Monday, but he's happy and his normal self, so I'm happy, too.


In other news, I'm hunting for tenants for the workhouse and just came across an advert that said 'I'll need a room from Monday, as I'm planning to leave my wife over the weekend.'

WTF? What's worse is that he's put a landline down as his contact number. I hope she doesn't answer the phone before he shares the news! O.o
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Does anyone use a web-based diary? In an attempt to stave off bankruptcy, C and I're going to do some painting and decorating for OAPs like we used to in olden times. Pink blown-vinyl wallpaper with green woodwork? Bring it ON! At least we always got lots of biscuits.

I need to organise quotes and will be booking things for C as well - which was a lot easier when she lived with me and wasn't at uni doing a degree. Is there something we can use where we can input our commitments and see where each other's at? Because even when we <i>did</i> live together we still used to screw this up.

In other news, the facepack I found in the Great Tidy of 2008? The one where all the important info must've been on the half C or I used who-knows-when? Yeah. As I was washing it off I became slightly concerned it might've actually been intensive hair conditioner. o_O
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This year's been a bit hit-and-miss, but I think on balance the hits have it. So, yey me!

Fic )

Work )

Health )

Romance )

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1) I ache all over and I've got a shiner on my cheekbone. It's red and blue and raised and feels tight, and I have to be PRESENTABLE this weekend. I didn't put ice on it because a) we don't have a freezer at work, and b) we don't have heating either, and it's November so I figured ice would be kind of moot. I shall henceforth be known as Fatface.

I just deleted a paragraph that went here about how my life = so hard, which basically boiled down to some whining about the fact that 'Property Developer' sounds so much cooler when not accompanied by evidence of slapstick. I'm gonna have to preface every conversation this weekend with the rich, cool, sophisticated Londonite people I barely know with an explanation of how I smacked myself in the face with a piece of plasterboard. I'm trying to find this amusing, not slightly humiliating. The friend I'm going down to see will find it utterly hilarious. If you're wondering, that is an upside to the situation.

2) In other news. This week I went to the dentist for the first time in eight years, and it highlighted to me how much more I like my twenties than my teens. I have this Thing about dentists, wherein I give myself a tension headache after about thirty seconds of sitting in the freaky reclining chair. I get the shakes. Sometimes there's snot. As a child I just had to sit there and let Mr-Paid-By-The-Extraction have his way with my poor, innocent mouth. At the great age of 25, I went in, told my new dentist I was phobic, and made him explain everything he was going to do. When I asked if something was going to be painful and he replied 'not unless my hand slips', I sat up and calmly asked him if he was mocking my irrational fear, and to please show a bit of sensitivity. He apologised, I lay back down, everyone survived unscathed. Ha! Adulthood rules. *Bounces*. AND, the wisdom tooth that's been hurting since, um, January no longer hurts, and I can chew on both sides again.

3) We had our chimney swept today, and the sweeper found three footballs, a cricket ball (seriously?!) and half a dozen beer cans. The chimney is, and has always been, capped. Does not compute. Even if it wasn't capped, how on earth would you get a football to fall down it? It would be like scoring a hoop at one of those rigged fair ground games, with the added problem of the hoop being six metres off the ground.

4) I'm going to load up C's ipod with podfic for the drive to London. I'm looking forward to it! Of course, when I get home I will check the ipod obsessively to be certain I've deleted the evidence.

In conclusion? I need more friends who think fanfic is cool and shiners are funny.
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So, we have a length of steel at work that weighs 100 kilos (about 220 lbs). It's long and thick and vaguely phallic.

Without going into the intricacies of things, we had to maneuvre our phallus through an unreachable window and we didn't really feel qualified to cope with it. Something that big is rather more than the vast majority of girls can handle, even with a buddy to spread the load. We were at a bit of a loss, but had booked in some boys we know to come round this weekend to help us out.

On my way back from lunch, I noticed that the workmen who've been down our street were just completing a similar job. (Just to be clear, I'm not coveting their expertise or equipment, or saying that we wouldn't have coped without them. I'm perfectly happy with my skillset  - it's just that I understand there are certain times when it's really, really nice to have someone big and muscled and experienced on board). I went back to workhouse to tell C, who's got far less shame than me and can strike up premeditated conversation with practically anyone, as long as they're male and she probably won't see them again.

We approached the workmen and smiled sweetly and asked if they'd mind maybe coming and having a look and seeing if they could help at all with our big shiny phallus. We'd barely got back when they showed up with three friends, and proceeded to do all the hard work, sweating and grunting and all. This had been nagging at me all week, making me tense. I was so relieved I actually wanted to hug them.

But it goes on! I went to the shops and bought a crate of beer to give them for their pains. We went over to the large, dark, damp hole they'd been digging, and hung out with them for a few minutes. Then, one of them asked if we did this sort of thing a lot - we winced, sort of embarrassed - a lot of people think we're weird for it. He went on to rummage around and find all sorts of goodies to gift us with. We went back to work with literally armfuls of protective gear in various colours and sizes. I doubt we'll see them again - after all this I suspected the youngest one was working up to asking one of us out, but he was just being friendly.

I have been smiling ever since. I don't like to play the damsel card because it seem manipulative and unfair, but they gave every indication of being really happy to help out, no strings attached. They were completely lovely - people are great.
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Excellent weekend.

Four thousand bricks in, and we're up to the roof on the extension - and still no help from any professionals. Yey!

First date Friday. Second date Saturday. Sex. Woot!


Housemates called me on my satisfied smile this afternoon after Gorgeous Hunk of Sex left. I claimed it was boy related. It was: John and Rodney. So much love!

(Yes, I am astounded by my priotities. But I've known Atlantis longer, there's been more time to get attached. Right? Right.)
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1. Go to http://www.careercruising.com/;
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark;
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions;
4. Post the top ten results.

Speaking of careers, Workhouse is up to the upstairs windows!

Courses laid:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
41 / 58


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Long weekend home alone, with nothing but flat packed furniture awaiting construction, and five months of company finances that I still don't want to do. Is it pathetic to be looking forward to C getting back from Reading so I can go back to work? Or JJ, so I can hand off the flat pack to the man of the house and, I dunno, make pies or something. Clean the bathroom. Avoid the finances for another few months.

I've watched eight episodes of Eureka in the last 24 hours and am about to settle down in front of season 2 with some drawers and some wood glue. I'm after some fic recs - anyone know of some good Eureka fic? The only fic I've ever read in that fandom was an SGA crossover, featuring McKay and Sheppard descending on the town and arguing a lot. Who was that by? SGA with added crazy can only be fun.

So, recs, anyone? Open to any pairings but haven't got an OTP, so maybe skewed towards gen?


Courses of bricks laid (slow going this week because we did the scary structural part with the 250kg piece of steel and the huge hole in the side of the house that was utterly terrifying):
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
27 / 58


Aug. 8th, 2007 06:24 pm
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I am beside myself with glee over all the fic up on the Big Bang site. My preference is always for long stories over flashfics or other shorts, and there are sixteen new beauties to entertain me. Sixteen! I don't know where to start.

In other news. I'm back from Barcelona, where I took 40 hours of Spanish lessons and learnt how to talk in tenses beside the present tense - this comes in handy when trying not to sound like too much of an idiot. Can now strike up conversation in Spanish, as long as the other person is willing to talk slowly, and occasionally mime. Met lots of new people and had an awesome time, despite bag getting stolen. I was left with no passport, money, cards, phone, makeup or camera. I am one of those women whose bag could sustain a small family for a month. Had to go to the British Embassy and get them to ring my parents and ask for money for an emergency passport - Dad very traumatised by phone call out of the blue that started 'This is the British Consulate in Barcelona'... Hurray for wonderful parents though - they sent me sympathy cash and don't want me to repay them, so the rest of the holiday was free!

It was fun to go away, but I realised again how cool my job is that I was actually excited to get back to work. Excited! This is weird and wrong.

Courses of bricks laid (And we now have concrete floors! No more mud!)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
24 / 58
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So, it's been a slightly random week.

  • Housemate JJ started a new job designing tractor parts at his Dream Company - his eight year old brother is practically frothing at the mouth with excitement, and JJ's only a bit more grown up. C and I made him a cake when he heard he'd got it the picture's come out a bit orange - the tractor was bright yellow. Those rear treads are curly wurlys and the exhaust is liqourice. It was made to a tight two hour deadline, and took us more than a week to eat. Also, we were out of unsalted butter so I put lard in the icing. Shhh!

  • I decided to go to Barcelona for a fortnight from next weekend - C and JJ are going to Turkey so I'd be home alone and bored if I didn't arrange something. I'm going to do a week of Spanish classes with the aim of boosting myself into the third year evening class - I've dropped out of the second year twice and am not sure I want to learn the first (gusta) term's (gusta) syllabus (gusta) again. Me no gusta.
  • I sprained my elbow. Seriously, who does that? It was my own damned fault, obviously - I was chasing C (it was all perfectly reasonable and constitutes a valid form of conflict resolution) and there was an incident involved my hand around her ankle, her lunging around a corner, and my arm not quite following. Well. Parts of it did.
  • I shovelled two tonnes of hard core from one end of the workhouse to the other. Left handed. Three more to go. Oy.
  • I got a text from the long distance relationship guy from this spring. I really don't get the point of this text. It was basically just hi, are you single. To which I basically replied, yes, still single. And then he didn't reply. So, because I believe he's a genuinely nice guy who isn't just asking to snort and laugh about my extended singleness... what the hell does he want? Not conversation, not a booty call... what's left? Idle curiousity? Hmph. He could at least share what's going on with him.

Courses of bricks laid (mostly in the rain):

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15 / 58

And we're concreting the downstairs floors this week! No more mud! Yey!
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I haven't been writing lately. Not at all. I have written so little that I'm thinking of posting a couple of WIPs just so I can pretend there's a bit of forward momentum in my fannish life. Can I declare my very own little WIP amnesty? Or will Fandom strike me down?

But I haven't just been sitting on my bum. I have been building!

Courses of bricks laid:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8 / 58
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I've signed up to do [profile] brown_betty 's Documentation Challenge. Yey! This means I have to finish something for a deadline, which sometimes results in actual fic.

To those I promised drabbles to...  they're unlikely to ever materialise, for I am the least disciplined writer there ever was. Sorry! And now I have a job of all things, so my days aren't the endless wastelands they once were. Bizaarely though, the busier I get, the more likely I am to accomplish the things I want to accomplish, so... maybe?

(Technically, I've had a job this whole time - but I counted it up recently, and 37 days of work over a *year* do not full-time-make, now matter how extortionate our rate was.)

Is anyone actually interested in my work-related news? I find it endlessly fascinating and worthy of quite a lot of obsession.

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It left one account and never arrived at the other. The bank are on the case, so I'm oddly zen-like. Possibly because the numbers are too big for my puny brain. It feels very strange to utter the words 'it'll turn up' in this situation.


In other news, New Man is on holiday with his dad, and I'm taking the lack of texting very personally. It's entirely possible his phone just isn't receiving my messages - C's didn't when she was in Germany last month. But when I saw him on Friday night (my birthday) he was shattered and just wanted to sleep - I've only been seeing him a few weeks, what the hell? I've never shared a bed with a guy where he's been the one that just wants to cuddle up and go to sleep. Have become completely paranoid and insecure. Is this normal?

Am far more concerned about lovelife than large pile of cash that's disappeared into the Great Internet Ether.

My priorities are strange.
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I really ought to be more stressed out about businessy things, what with the meetings and the spreadsheets, and the Teach Yourself Tax Rules With the Internet riff I'm on.... but I think it's all a bit too ridiculous to get too worked up about. This is how I get into a lot of the things I do; C and I reach this melting point where we just get blasé and go, 'oh, fuck it', and get by on blagging (me) and flirting (her). It'll be fine.

So, I spent my evening writing! I've got 2,000 words of a team-fic-with-whump in the making, but I'm not sure it counts because it was largely transcribed from paper. You remember, the stuff we used to use back when Pluto was a planet? In the dark ages when my computer wasn't in my room.

I started it back in September and don't remember it that well, and am discovering that I really like it. Only, I can't remember exactly where I was headed with it. And I want to get it beta'ed before I start to post. Anybody up for it? It'll probably be about 10,000 words in the end, and I've got more waiting to be typed up so I'm about a third of the way in.

In unrelated news, my new wisdom tooth has turned the gum it's trying to poke through into ragged coppery mush. I'm hungry but refraining from actual food because, ow. I'm feeling so much sympathy for toddlers right now.

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After four hours of sleep, we printed a workable business plan and survived the meeting. The bank manager was a paternal type who was really lovely and helpful and sweet, and was impressed that I could remember all the figures (there are lots). I didn't point out that I did it so recently they're practically still in my short term memory.

He can't lend us any money... but you can't have everything, right?! The meeting went well other than that? Apparently they want to see pesky things like experience and turnover before they dole out the six figure sums. Pah. Completely unreasonable, if you ask me.

It's okay though, because he's put us on to someone else who can. Yey, house!
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It's nearly 5am.

I've been hard at it all evening (and now most of the night) still have a ton of work to do on the business plan.

If we get through the meeting tomorrow with our loan, I will crown myself the queen of blagging. C went to bed 3 hours ago - she loses!

Good thing I'm a night-owl. And that it's an afternoon meeting.


Really. I'm gonna get it presentable.

Any minute now.

Beta hunt

Jan. 22nd, 2007 06:50 pm
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So, I've got a meeting with my bank manager tomorrow to present the business plan that is not yet written, and what am I doing? Getting all overexcited about people giving me feedback on the ficlet I posted earlier.


Screw the whole shy, not wanting to post anything until it was done, edited to death and gathering dust while I waited to not love it so much anymore. Because if I can get positive feedback for something I write in a day, I'm going to be posting a whole lot more.

To replace my jittery, control-freak redrafting, I need a beta for McShep, PG sillyness. Where do I look and who do I have to bribe?
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We've agreed a price on a house! I was hugely excited for about thrity seconds, and then I started writing my first list, and now, 12 hours later, I have:

a) 2 scale floorplans of the current house
b) 2 scale floorplans of the house plus the extension (it's so big! You could fit in so much stuff!
c) a flow chart of all the works we need to do
d) a financial projection for the project
e) contingency planning
f) a five year financial plan

C thinks that last item is overkill - given that I've sort of plotted out the next five years of our lives and she wasn't even in the room while I did it - but I had fun. Fun!! I've officially lost it.

Today shall henceforth be known as the Day of The Business Plan. If I keep this up, my half of it (the proper half, with the numbers and the details) will be done by the end of tomorrow.

Holy cow, I'm buying another house.

What the hell am I doing?!?
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