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Excellent weekend.

Four thousand bricks in, and we're up to the roof on the extension - and still no help from any professionals. Yey!

First date Friday. Second date Saturday. Sex. Woot!


Housemates called me on my satisfied smile this afternoon after Gorgeous Hunk of Sex left. I claimed it was boy related. It was: John and Rodney. So much love!

(Yes, I am astounded by my priotities. But I've known Atlantis longer, there's been more time to get attached. Right? Right.)
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Now, I love Sheppard as much as the next fangirl, but it's always been in a platonic 'bless-him-what-a-dork' sort of way. Even when he's being all competent and manly and convincing, (I'm thinking The Eye, The Defiant One) I've been happily appreciative... but not really in the rude way.

I just saw a clip of Joe in Cupid that has made me revise my opinion.

He's hot.

The bit with her hand? And his little jump? I want to have sex with that little jump.
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My download of Atlantis has an hour left. I've been jittering all day wanting to watch it - I thought I'd have it by the time I got up this morning, but the file I got was corrupt - arrgh!

The problem is, we're going to Manchester to stay with a friend tonight, and I'm supposed to leave, like, now. My lovely friends or Atlantis? If it was up to me, there'd be no question.

Unfortunately, it's not up to me, and C is making me go to Manchester.


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