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Does anyone know anything about a con called the SFX Weekender? It's in February in Sussex.

Because, you see... I'm sort of considering going. *g* I got a message on Facebook from a girl I knew at school, Chris. She's 3 years older than me (it was a lot at the time) and one of the few kids at my school who lived anywhere near me. We used to sit at the back of the bus on the way home every afternoon, plotting how we were going to be the youngest ever authors of a DS9 script, or discussing why B5's gate system made more scientific sense than Star Trek's warp drives. When she went away to uni, I visited her a couple of times for weekends, and she told me way more than my impressionable young ears had ever thought to hear about lesbian sex.

We lost touch over the years - she became bi and found God and became a maths teacher and got married and had a kid. I moved Up North, which is an equally dramatic lifestyle change according to my London-based friends.

I think a lot of why I'm considering going is because I want to hang out with Chris again. I'm not too fussed about seeing John Barrowman, although what YouTube footage I've seen of James Marsters at cons has been promising. Opinions?

In other news, Dex stole and ate an entire loaf of bread last night. Obviously this lost him his breakfast rights. All morning, he has been standing in front of the cupboard where his normal doggy sanctioned food lives, like, 'but why aren't you feeding me?!', but has just laid down, belly bulging, for a carbs coma. It was nice bread, too, the cheeky bugger. He probably wouldn't have bothered if it was the normal cheap supermarket own-brand stuff. *glares*
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I've got my dog back!!11!

Seriously, so pleased. His kidneys are a bit squiffy, but his liver's fine. The vet thinks he'll get better on his own. I'm taking him for more blood tests on Monday, but he's happy and his normal self, so I'm happy, too.


In other news, I'm hunting for tenants for the workhouse and just came across an advert that said 'I'll need a room from Monday, as I'm planning to leave my wife over the weekend.'

WTF? What's worse is that he's put a landline down as his contact number. I hope she doesn't answer the phone before he shares the news! O.o

Dex update

Jan. 15th, 2009 04:52 pm
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In brief: he's still asymptomatic, and it's looking pretty good that he'll be ok.

The details... )

Also, Heanor - the town where the veterinary hospital is located - has the cutest street signs. Like 'Cullen Street. Home to the Cullen family from 1712 to 1944'. Cooper-May Street, home to the Coopers from 1642 to 1857 and the Mays from 1702 to 1904'. It was so evokative of the place's history, which is something I tend to take for granted. I love that they did their research and honoured it. Usually I get the feeling the council goes 'Oh, I can't be arsed to get creative. Let's have another Station Road and go for lunch'. So, top points for Heanor!
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I just called the vet for an update, and he's still asymptomatic. Which is a good sign! \o/ He could still go seriously south, but I'm encouraged. Also, I asked if I could come and take him out for an hour tmrw and have a good run with him so he doesn't go too crazy, and they're fine with the idea, provided he's still asymptomatic. That's the thing that's been upsetting me the most - he hates being cooped up, especially cooped up without ppl around. The only thing that sorts him out is tons of exercise. So, yay! I feel tons better.

Thanks for the kind thoughts this morning, I really needed the moral support!

And now I'm off to the cinema for the evening, see you all on the flip side. *hugs Internet hard*
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Dex ate half a kilo of raisins this morning, which are highly toxic to dogs. I got home soon after he ate them - between half an hour and 90 minutes, depending on when he got into them - and though he's asymptomatic I took him to the vets. They've admitted him and are going to pump his stomach, and put him on a drip until Friday at least. I won't know if he'll live until tomorrow. A handful of raisins can cause kidney failure, and he ate half a kilo.

I AM FREAKING OUT. Reassure me?

Fuck, dear flist.


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I had young Dex neutered on Monday. Now that the dressing's come off, he just wants to lick and lick... he hates the lampshade the vet gave me to put around his neck, so I'd hate to have to put him in it 24 hours a day. It's not the stitches, it's his balls - what's left of them -  that are getting red and enflamed. I think it's only a matter of time before he breaks the skin... is there anything anyone can suggest to stop him licking? Bones and toys only occupy him for so long. Any creams I can put on to make it taste bad? Without irritating it further, obviously. Am I allowed to re-dress is so he doesn't have easy access? Presumably the vet took the dressing off for a good reason.

I've told him to leave it, which is a command he fully understands. Now he just looks at me to see if I'm within distance before the licking commences. We're annoying the crap out of each other!

I also had the kitty done, and she is good as gold.

Cats > dogs.

ETA: I rang the vets, and the receptionist (highest level of authority available) said he just had to wear the collar 24 hours a day. Which... Well.

Son of ETA: I went to the vets in person so I could menace them until they came up with an answer more to my liking. And they gave me some steroid cream to stop his balls itching so much. \o/ He wagged like mad when I rubbed it on, which felt a bit wrong to me...

I also got a different collar because the last one was a touch too small and if he really exerted himself, licking was still possible. So now he's even more ungainly and is having an even harder time navigating the house without crashing into doorways/chairs/tables. Which is one part amusing, two parts pitiful.
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It is sleeting.

If I don't take Dex for a walk now, it will be sleeting and dark.

If I don't take Dex out at all, he will be a pain in the arse all evening, torture the cat, and get me up hideously early tomorrow.

Why did I get a dog!? Six months of the year, I am NOT THE OUTDOORSY TYPE. I do not care how cute and entertaining he is.

No love,


Fine, fine. I'm going to stop procrastinating. I'm going. But I shall complain bitterly the whole time. *pouts*

Dog help!

Jul. 5th, 2008 10:11 pm
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Who knows dogs? I brought home my pup today. He's very cute and playful, and is doing fairly well with the housetraining... but he's mounting me! He's only 8 weeks old, so it can't be hormonal. And I put him in his cage - which he was fine with while I was in the room - but as soon as I'm out of sight he whines and barks and howls. Which is more of a problem than the mounting, as it's driving me crazy. Mounting I can deal with - lots of judicious ignoring til he stops. Is the howling inevitable? Do I give him ten minutes to see if he shuts up, or should I be preventing this behaviour in some way? Act or react?

The cat, on the other hand, is an angel.

The dog's making my ears bleed. Will be patient. Will. Not. Panic about taking on a puppy when I really don't know what I'm doing. I read books and all... but the learning curve is steep!

Help me obi-flist! *headdesks*
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ETA: My God, the formatting issues! *stabs LJ*. Let's try that again, without the randomly interrupted paragraphs and missing text.

I have had the most awesome seven days I can remember having in... years, possibly.

It went like this:

So... I've had a bit of an overdose of squee this past week. It has been awesome.

And, kitty needs a name! Any ideas?


May. 16th, 2008 05:42 pm
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I've paid my deposit, in 7 weeks I'll have a puppy!

Puppy picspam... ) 
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So, I haven't been around LJ much lately because RL's insane. Housemates are moving out, workhouse is winding down. I've been driving up and down the country a lot, collecting ebay furniture and uttering the phrase 'No really, I'm stronger than I look' on what feels like a daily basis. We've moved from the grouting of tiles to the purchasing of soft furnishings, which is quite an upgrade in the fun department.

I've been plotting out how my life is going to be after my housemates move out (in a couple of weeks! I'm looking forward to it!!) and after we finally finish the house we've been building/renovating for the last year.

One of the big changes I'm going to make is pets. I'm going to get a cat and a dog; or more specifically, a kitten and a puppy.
Specifically, potentially, one of these puppies )


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