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I woke up this morning to find that I can SEE!

So awesome.

I celebrated by driving to my follow up at the eye clinic. I was blinking lots and concentrating hard, so it was totally safe.

It was. Shut up.

According to my latest eye test, my right eye is, allegedly 20/20. I say allegedly because although I can focus, it's still hazy and murky. I can't actually see perfectly but the optician thinks I can. Do you think that'd fly with the DVLA? My other eye is lagging behind; I could only read about half the letters on the screen. But I'm hoping it'll catch up? I'm not sure how this works. And, even if it doesn't, I can live with this. 20/20 in one eye is legal to drive and that was my goal going into this.

On the one hand, in the past week I have:
  • Allowed someone to soften my corneas with alcohol, smoosh the tissue to one side, shoot lasers into my eyes, and smoosh is back.
  • freaked out (before, during, after)
  • been practically blind for 2 days and lamely fuzzy for 2 more
  • God, the pain*
  • Whimpered down the phone at my ex-housemate JJ to get him and C to come over and direct me to the good drugs (see above re: pain and blindness)
  • Mislaid the dog in the kitchen
  • Stood in puppy wee
  • Stood in cat food
  • Cried
  • Wanted to call my mother and get her to come and do my washing up and feed me. I have never wanted to summon my mother in my entire life - she's the least nurturing woman in Britain, but she would have mopped my kitchen floor
  • Been unable to read the aftercare instructions the opticians gave me (why so small?!)
  • Been unable to identify which eye drops were which
  • Been deeply confused by an episode of SGA. Eyesight helps during action scenes. Surprising, huh?
  • Did I mention the pain?
  • Been so bored I slept for fun
  • Had a puppy who was so bored he chewed for fun
On the other hand, I can now
  • see.
So, on balance, the pros have it.

* Don't let that put you off if you're considering it. I had the most brutal surgery there is because it was the cheapest. Everyone else I've spoken to in the clinic who's had it done in the past week (easily identified by sunglasses) said they had very little pain. I don't think that's hyperbole - at my 24 hour checkup my eyes were still streaming and I couldn't see very well at all. One guy I spoke to had driven himself there and happily read small print in the far wall, on a poster that was a big blur to me. My treatment was harsh! But cheaper.

p.s. Love and hugs to everyone who wished me luck and sympathy, and texted me, and called me up to relieve my boredom and apprise me of Internet Happenings. I love you all! *smishes flist*
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You would not believe how boring it is when you can't:
  • use a computer
  • read
  • watch TV
  • Navigate the outside world because NOW it decides to be bright and sunny
  • Navigate a phonebook, electronic or otherwise
I am typing this with my screen on its biggest setting and the font on about size one million. My keyboard is a blur, and I have to look away from my screen and blink furiously between sentences. I'm gonna go to bed in a minute just for something to do.

On the upside, the stabbing pain has gone away, and my vision can only improve... And it will - I mean, I haven't lost perspective on why I'm doing this. It's just, now would be good.
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I feel sick.

And I may be offline for a few days, depending on the OMG PAIN when eyes are attempting to focus/endure anything besides blessed, pitch darkness. Yes, I could have gone for the pricier option that won't disable me quite so much. Yes, I am too cheap.

Sekrit message to Cath - but if I have any time in the morning, I will be spending it re-reading parts 1 - 3 and emailing you!

ETA: But! This started in my comment to <lj user=villainny>, below, and became a bit of a anti-glasses rant. There are so many things I should stop having to deal with as of tomorrow!

Missing a stair because I switched between looking through vs looking under my glasses at the wrong moment. That gritty, dry feeling I get when I've worn my contacts too much. Rain.
Not feeling hideously unattractive whenever I'm not wearing contacts. My entire working life, with the dust and the lense splattering. Lying with my head smooshed into a cushion and being able to see the TV anyway. Reversing the car. Glancing up at someone without needing to move my entire head. Not having to plan my eyesight around social occasions. Snogging. Being able to see when I first wake up.

Ok, I remember why i signed up it now. After the next week, this should be pretty awesome. But tomorrow? Sickywobblypukeyscariness!


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