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Does anyone use a web-based diary? In an attempt to stave off bankruptcy, C and I're going to do some painting and decorating for OAPs like we used to in olden times. Pink blown-vinyl wallpaper with green woodwork? Bring it ON! At least we always got lots of biscuits.

I need to organise quotes and will be booking things for C as well - which was a lot easier when she lived with me and wasn't at uni doing a degree. Is there something we can use where we can input our commitments and see where each other's at? Because even when we <i>did</i> live together we still used to screw this up.

In other news, the facepack I found in the Great Tidy of 2008? The one where all the important info must've been on the half C or I used who-knows-when? Yeah. As I was washing it off I became slightly concerned it might've actually been intensive hair conditioner. o_O
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My shiny new ipod shuffle just arrived!! I'm almost freaked out by how tiny it is... seriously, I've seen after-dinner-chocolates that are bigger. Those freebie mint chocolates you get with your coffee in a restaurant, you know? Where you' be being excessively delicate if you don't just put it all in your mouth at once? If I was to clip it onto my smallest belt, the belt buckle would still dwarf it. You know those little matchboxes, the ones that only fit about 20 matches in? This is smaller than that.

It is SO COOL!

Podfic here I come! Because it's not enough that I indulge in fandom-related things for 90% of my leisure time, I can now listen to fic at work all day as well. Speaking as someone who just spent two days painting bricks (for fuck's sake, bricks!) hurray! My sanity is saved!

Expect podfic recs in the near future, because I cannot keep this much squee to myself.
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I don't have a ticket to see the movie this weekend because it all completely passed me by until quite recently. I really want to see it, though. Does anyone know if it'll evenutally be released on DVD?

The traumatising thing is that I'll actually be in London this weekend. I'm staying with a friend in Clapham - I could practically walk to the cinema. And the friend I'm staying with is the friend I wrote a Stargate drinking game with back in season 3, which we used to get hammered to more often than is strictly healthy.

She was my only geek friend. And she has completely renounced geekdom.



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