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1) Ok, [personal profile] unadrift    and I have been debating this and the dictionary is no help. Is it: racking one's brains; wracking one's brains, or (::squints::) wrecking one's brains? How do I not know?!  ETA:  It's racking. Thanks [profile] sapote3  !

2) Also, into what position do I need to contort myself to get my left hip to click? It clicked out the other day, and now I have an irritating array of painful limitations, like not being able to lie on my back with my knees tented, or slouch on the sofa with my feet on the table in front of me. Or, I can slouch that way, but only if I don't mind sharp, grindy pain through the back of the joint when I get up again. I am not impressed. Fix me! ::pouts::

3) And, for reasons having nothing to do with any stories I am currently writing, particularly not anything that was supposed to be, like, 1000 words but might already be disturbingly longer... in a team!orgy, who would be the ultimate boss? I'm leaning towards Ronon, but, Teyla? Or does Rodney have secret sexual power over them all? Does John bring his dubious natural leadership into the bedroom?

4) Button then zipper, or zipper then button?

My fic

Feb. 4th, 2008 08:17 pm
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My SGA fic so far....

Working Out

3300 words, McKay/Sheppard
--John's enforcing mandatory workouts. Rodney tunes in

5300 words. For the H/C Secret Santa - gen, H/C
--How John and Rodney have become part of a team

Ficlet for Sheafrotherdon's "Hush! John and Rodney are Sleeping!" Challenge
400 words. Team!fic
--The space is cramped enough that their breaths reverberate through them all, bodies rising and falling like a four-moon tide.

Ficlet for amireal's International Fuzzy Bathrobe Day challenge
1400 words pre-slash McKay/Sheppard
--Off-world missions were hard on Sheppard’s clothes. On all of their clothes, really; but Sheppard’s seemingly more than everyone else’s. His were the shirts that got ripped by grazing bullets; the tac vests that got sliced by angry natives’ knives; the boots that got stained with ritual markings; and on one repressed occasion, the pants that got dissolved by primordial pond ooze.

Ficlet for amireal's International 'How the heck did I get that bruise?' Day challenge
1600 words. McKay/Sheppard, sentient!Atlantis. Fluff
--“Not an evil plot,” John confirmed. “Just Atlantis.” He paused, because this was going to sound a bit odd. “I think she’s pissed at me.”


Jan. 1st, 2008 12:23 pm
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Morning all, and happy new year! I won £150 in a pub quiz last night - and I SUCK at pub quizes. Can only imagine the other occupants of venue were totally wasted - a theory that was confirmed when nobody could remember how Auld Lang Syne ended and just sort of... carried on. SInging out of tune and holding hands with strangers.

For quite some time.

So, hurrah for sobriety! £150 was an excellent start to 2008. Here's hoping it bodes well for the year. And this morning I was full of energy and finished off a story, so now I get to ticky box the first of my twelve:

Title: Working Out
Author: [profile] tacit_uk 
Fandom: SGA
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Word count: 3300
Notes: Thanks to [profile] ferret_kitty  and [personal profile] rilestar  for their betas and moral support. All errors are mine.




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Title: Reckoning
Author: [profile] tacit_uk       
Fandom: SGA
Rating: PG-13 for gore and namecalling
Pairing: gen
Word count: 5300
Notes: Thanks to the lovely[profile] ferret_kitty   for beta and cheerleading, and to [personal profile] kristen999   for prodding my pronouns. All mistakes are mine.

This is for [profile] everybetty   in the Sheppard H/C Secret Santa. [profile] everybetty   requested gen Shepwhump featuring Beckett, that didn't skip over the medical details. This is what came out.

Nb: At the end of The Defiant One, McKay nods to Sheppard's gun shot wound and asks if Sheppard's okay. Sheppards replies, "Other than this and a few cracked ribs," which seemed eye-rollingly over-stoic, to me. I've taken a bit of poetic license with the severity of Sheppard's injuries.


Part one )


Mar. 12th, 2007 11:48 pm
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For amireal's International Fuzzy Bathrobe Day challenge

Title: Origins of a Blue Bathrobe
Pairing: pre-slash John/Rodney,
Rating: PG
Length: 1400 words
Summary: Uniform pants don't fit over leg casts. The quartermaster has a solution.

This is slightly amended from what I posted to amireal to fix a few glaring things I didn't spot when sleep-deprived.

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Wow, I'm actually posting fic, now.

I was a little late for amireal's challenge deadline, but I'm all over-excited about actually interacting with the world at large and posting stuff for dissection and critique.

Yey! Feedback totally craved.

For amireal's International 'How the heck did I get that bruise?' Day challenge
Pairing: John/Rodney, John/Atlantis
Rating: PG-13 for one rude word and references to rude deeds
Length: 1600 words
Summary: "It’s possible that Atlantis has, um, a bit of a thing for me."



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