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Torchwood move sees ratings boost

Does this mean we're more likely to get a series 4? Pretty please?


Jul. 6th, 2009 09:58 pm
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My immediate reactions were slightly delayed by my new housemate (like, 24-hours new) coming home right after it ended. We are at the slightly awkward small talk phase, so we had an hour of biography swapping while I kinda wished I was reading my flist's reactions to Torchwood instead.

Spoilers for 301! )

Where is the missing scene fic for between the last radio show and this new ep? *taps foot*
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Does anyone know anything about a con called the SFX Weekender? It's in February in Sussex.

Because, you see... I'm sort of considering going. *g* I got a message on Facebook from a girl I knew at school, Chris. She's 3 years older than me (it was a lot at the time) and one of the few kids at my school who lived anywhere near me. We used to sit at the back of the bus on the way home every afternoon, plotting how we were going to be the youngest ever authors of a DS9 script, or discussing why B5's gate system made more scientific sense than Star Trek's warp drives. When she went away to uni, I visited her a couple of times for weekends, and she told me way more than my impressionable young ears had ever thought to hear about lesbian sex.

We lost touch over the years - she became bi and found God and became a maths teacher and got married and had a kid. I moved Up North, which is an equally dramatic lifestyle change according to my London-based friends.

I think a lot of why I'm considering going is because I want to hang out with Chris again. I'm not too fussed about seeing John Barrowman, although what YouTube footage I've seen of James Marsters at cons has been promising. Opinions?

In other news, Dex stole and ate an entire loaf of bread last night. Obviously this lost him his breakfast rights. All morning, he has been standing in front of the cupboard where his normal doggy sanctioned food lives, like, 'but why aren't you feeding me?!', but has just laid down, belly bulging, for a carbs coma. It was nice bread, too, the cheeky bugger. He probably wouldn't have bothered if it was the normal cheap supermarket own-brand stuff. *glares*
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Guys, I do not want to get political. But I am seeing people on my flist, people I otherwise like and admire, who are still confusing squicks with triggers, and who still think that warning for sexual violence is a slippery slope to warnings for the misuse of radishes, or garish colours, or descriptions of morris dancing.

Please, please, if you aren't confident that you know the difference between squicks and triggers, go and read this essay by [livejournal.com profile] impertinence. It's concise, educational, rational and calm. It's also a hard read, as most mental adjustments worth making are.

[livejournal.com profile] impertinence requested that the following be pasted anywhere her essay is linked:

Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.

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There are a bunch of things I've been meaning to post about, and for some reason they are all to do with food.

1) In looking for my passport last Wednesday night (at 2am when I was leaving on Thursday morning, shut up), I found some bathroom scales on my bedroom floor. I weighed myself for the first time in over a year, and found that I weigh the same as I did when I finished the year of manual labour! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I suspect every gram of muscle I had has turned to lard and migrated to my ass, belly and hips; there is no other explanation.

2) I have been obsessively doing 'Five a day' - that is, a minimum of five portion of fruit or veg every day. Generally, a handful is a portion. Juice counts as one, regardless of quantity (from a small glass upwards). This is the best food-related drive I have ever been on. I am eating so healthily! I used to normally have three or four portions a day and sometimes suck and have one. Or, um, none. Those last couple have really cut into my unhealthy snacking. My skin is great, my fridge is stocked with all sorts of exciting things, and I get to feel virtuous even when I've also eaten 100g of chocolate because I ate the fruit/veg, and that is all that counts! I don't know how it would be for weight loss, but for feeling healthy and energetic? It's fabulous. I am going to do it every day for the rest of my life.

3) I had an email forwarded to me that contained a recipe for a five minute mug cake. I timed it and really it was more like 7, but that was from the moment I started pulling ingredients from the cupboards to the moment the microwave dinged. I can't really resent those extra two minutes, you know? Cake. In a mug.

[livejournal.com profile] deltacephei and I tried the recipe and pronounced it most acceptable. We also tried it using coffee and walnuts instead of cocoa and chocolate chips. The mix was very wet with the coffee, so I added another spoon of flour and didn't notice the resulting cake texture being any different.

5 minute mug cake )

It lacked that crispy yumminess of the edges of a fresh oven-baked cake, but, you know. Five minutes. I can't complain. If I make it again, I will switch the cocoa and choc chips for a tablespoon of swollen stoned dates, as per my mum's recipe for the best cakes in the entire world ever. In fact, hmm. *hunts* She emailed it to me. Here, have a go. Seriously: THE BEST.

tacit's mum's recipe for Sticky Toffee puddings )

I think it'll work really well adapted to the mug cake because in my mum's recipe, the cakes have the wonderful flavour and the sauce provides the texture sensation. :)

4) I baked my first ever grown-up cake for my mum's 60th. It was good! I learnt how to make ganache. I planned to do more icing modelling, but I started so late in the evening that I just didn't have time. /o\ You can't tell from the picture, but the icing was smooth and the whole thing was a geometric joy - with a ton of chocolate and cake inside. \o/ I now have an LJ tag for cake. I posted a small slice of it to the other side of the world in the guise of Marie Antoinette, but that is another story.

5) At the posh French hotel my mum's birthday was based in, I chose a dessert that had a long description that I couldn't adequately translate, and an in-built menu translation that said, 'pineapple, pineapple, pineapple'. What with my recent fannish love for Psych, I didn't see how to resist. It turned out to be three things: a piece of hot pineapple baked in foil with a vanilla pod; a light pineapple mousse on a sponge base; and a shot glass of pineapple sorbet with something very boozy in it. *swoons* It had three pineapple leaves jabbed artistically into the mousse, swirls of something pineapply doodled on the plate, a rakish line of coconut flakes, and swirls of something bright red and yummy... I wish I'd had a camera with me, it was amazing.

I have not weighed myself again since I got back from France. I do not want to know.

Kitty news

Jun. 8th, 2009 10:02 am
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My year-old kitty Mogsy has become a killing machine. She's been averaging about one tiny corpse a week for the past couple of months, but last night? Two sparrows and a mouse. *boggles*

For the sake of the local sparrow population, it's probably time I sold out her street-cred with an obnoxious bell.

This is totally my fault for the death matches of her kitten-hood. I wouldn't mind as much if she would at least take care of the spider/fly population as well.
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I tend to blag a lot. If I want to do something, I have a tendency to convince people I can already do it, and then I learn it on the job. It's worked well for me up til now. I can't stand boredom and I like a little pressure.

Sometimes I worry a bit, though. Like with tutoring. My progression of students has been... steep.

1st student? Bright 16 year old, willing to listen, did what I said, learnt loads fast, went from a low D to a high B in ten hours of lessons plus homeworks. An ideal first student, really.

2nd student? Slow 15 year old. Utterly bewildered by things he managed five minutes ago. I have to explain everything a minimum of five times before he understands why he's doing what he's doing. That's ok! I like a challenge. Our third lesson is tomorrow, and we're making progress.

3rd student... severely dyslexic 10 year old who hasn't been in full time education for three years, is way behind on everything and needs to catch up with his peers before he starts year 6 in three and a half months. He's not in school right now - three hours a week with me is all he's going to get. I start on Friday - PRESSURE!

I mean - I'm going to rock this gig, because failure is not an option. I'm devising literacy tests and exercises, picking reading books, writing maths tests and trying to condense the national curriculum syllabi for years 3 through 5 into a summer of Must Have lessons. In some ways it feels fantastic and I am brimming over with energy and mania enthusiasm. In others I am slightly freaking out.

*waves weakly*

Would it be better or worse if I pretended this feeling was unfamiliar?!
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I'm seeing Star Trek tonight!!

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First off, I am 'tacit' over on Dreamwidth, not that I've set it up properly yet.

Now, a poll, because who can resist the allure of the opinionated ticky?

The druggy couple AND the bitch couple have all moved out, omg yay! Even better, we've got one replacement tenant from tomorrow, and the other from next weekend. THANK GOD. Here's hoping for harmony and grown-up conflict resolution that doesn't involve whiny calls to their landlord going, 'but he was mean to me!! Come and tell him off! WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO OMG I'M CALLING THE POLICE ON YOU.'

I've only ever properly rented one place that required deposits. When we left, we argued about the amount due back and then got our deposits back after, like, a month. That seemed like it was normal to me?!

[Poll #1393559]

I really wanted to go for option e, but sadly am too wimpy and, you know, bound by law. The tenants, unsurprisingly, all wanted option a. The druggies wanted theirs in cash, so we gave it to them on Friday. The bitches wanted theirs zapped, so we zapped it on Friday. Since then, I've had - count them - three phones calls (which I am now ignoring) and six texts telling me it's outrageous (except it's consistently spelt 'outrages') that they haven't received it yet, even though they moved out on Thursday, omg.

Ok, fine. So they lived with people they didn't like (and probably had good reason not to like). I'm sorry about that. But their problems in the house were not actually my fault. We even offered to mediate the dispute, which is really not our responsibility. They've moved out, can they please move on?! I told them last week that I'd zap it on Friday; I zapped it on Friday... now show some dignity and behave like a grown up. , Also, fucking fuck off, you whiny bitches.


I feel better now.
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I'm going to plaster a friend's living room wall and bay today. But the longer that passes since I built that extension, the more it feels like I'm lying when I remind myself I did it. My brain goes 'Really? Surely not!', like I'm embellishing a CV inside my own head. Is it normal to distrust your own internal honesty?! And I have to take off the radiator and I can only vaguely recall the last time I did that. I did plaster a ceiling a couple of months ago, but let me tell you, the waistline says I have not been doing nearly enough manual labour lately.

So... water flows downhill, right? And walls are supposed to be flat?

I'm sure it'll come back to me... O_o
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I'm trying to file an online return that is due on the twenty-somethingth (please be later than the 27th, penalty gods!) and I don't understand why I'm not allowed to do it between midnight and 7am.

Is the Internet staffed by tiny tiny people who need their beauty sleep? Companies House are obviously the only workplace where the Internet denizens have a decent union. The poor sods are up all night everywhere else.

You don't believe me? Go on then, what else makes more sense?!
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I want to organise a photographer to come to my mum's 60th birthday in Boulogne in June and my French is... rusty at best. And sort of lacking any grasp of grammar. Can anyone translate 100 words or so? I'm gonna email the hotel we're staying at and see if they'll help me out. Your French doesn't have to be perfect - mostly understandable would be a huge improvement on mine! *bats lashes*

Also, I'm brainstorming for present ideas. My parents have had a rough few years and I was going to arrange a surprise party for my mum, which she foiled by arranging her own. What have you guys got for loved ones on big birthdays? I want it to be immense!

ETA: And, does anyone know roughly how much it should cost to get a photographer for half an hour or so? I've got various relatives I can foist present ideas onto, but I want to get the photographer from myself - is it going to be heinous?
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In a fit of Oh-my-god-if-don't-get-more-money-I'll-starve a few weeks ago, I applied for a job. It's a business mentoring thing plus admin, about 45 minutes away. I had an interview last week, and a second interview this afternoon, and they just texted to say I've got it. I don't know how to feel! It's the only job I applied for, so it's quite an ego boost that I got it. It's only 22 hours a week, so I only have to leave poor Dex home alone for three days a week. And, for a mostly-admin job it does sound not-awful. So, yay?

But then, it's depressing to draw a line under my days of full time self employment. I love my career and I wouldn't be doing anything else if not for the poxy recession. The job sounds ok - but it's definitely a plan b, and I'm actually resenting the new job a bit. Which is absurd. I'll get a regular paycheque! I haven't had one of those since... 2005? Money is good.

Now, if they'd give me money in the quanities it take to put a deposit on a property, I might be more excited.
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I spent Easter at Claire's house, where I ate far too much: slow cooked organic lamb from Jim's parents' farm, yum! Plus, obviously, chocolate. I drove the Nottingham contingent - Claire's grandpa Frank, and his sister, brother and daughter. Three octogenarians and Claire's auntie Angie, plus me, at Claire and Jim's. I love the pensioners, they're all wonderful in their own ways. Claire and I have had lunch with them once a week for the past couple of years - always Frank, and his sibs whenever they're living with him. They each stay with him for a few months now and then, because they are all showing their age in various ways. Frank is quite deaf and a bit blind, but he's mobile and he cooks, so he looks after the others. Kath is deafer, uses a zimmer, and has lost all patience with everything. She talks in caplocks - not shouting, but VERY FORCEFUL. She is impossible to ignore (although Frank and Johnny try their best), but she's 92 so we let her off. Johnny has bad knees and a terrible memory - he can recall what he did 50 years or five minutes ago, but the past couple of years up to ten minutes ago is lost to him. He can track conversation enough to joke around. I feel terrible for Johnny, poor guy, but he trusts Frank completely and feels secure there, so he takes his memory problems fairly in stride. It'd be easy for them to get down in the dumps about their problems, but they just tease each other. The guys gang up on Kath a lot, because as the eldest of six she helped raise the two babies of the family, and at heart they're still naughty schoolboys.

And they are so obviously siblings.

Conversations go like this:

(Pleasantries. We sit at the table, where there are snacks)
Johnny (kisses Claire's cheek): Claire, is it? And you must be Jim.
Frank: Angie got me a keychain that beeps when I lose my keys.
Johnny: It's gone rather white.
Frank: beep beep beep beep
One of we youngsters (we are pretty interchangeable for these purposes): That's it, huh?
Kath: WHAT?!
Frank: What's it?
Johnny: I said, 'It's quite alright'!
Frank (sniggers with Johnny)
Youngster: That beeping noise. Is that it?
(*an aside - Johnny was probably there. Kath is only sweet when she thinks no-one will notice)
Frank: Oh, I can't hear it.
(Frank grabs some nuts)
Frank: beep beep beep beep
Kath reaches over to steal some nuts from Frank.
Frank: Get your own, woman!
He takes a butter knife and makes to stab her in the hand.
Kath retracts her hand, is annoyed: THAT WAS RUDE.
Frank: beep beep beep beep
Youngster: Is it Kath that's setting that off?
Frank: Oh, is it beeping?
Youngster: Pretty much constantly.
Frank (to Kath): You'll have to wait until it's ready!
Kath (glares)
Johnny: Is your car alarm going off?

It's chaos, but spending time with them always makes me happy. &hearts I love Frank, and have a giant soft spot for his sibs - and I love how spirited they are. When Kath goes home to her daughter's house, I go over for the occasional afternoon with a DVD, and I have a few beers with Frank - and Johnny, if he's in town.

When they're all together though, I always come home feeling slightly hysterical. We youngsters don't feel like it's fair for us to tease Kath too much, so there are always a lot of amused glances exchanged between us - and periods when we can't meet each others' eyes for fear of cracking up. Angie and I got the giggles on the drive home. Every time I drove over a pothole it was 'beep beep beep beep'. And then when they got to Frank's front door he still had to pat down all his pockets to find his keys.

They were all chuckling as I drove off, and so was I. &hearts

SCC 2.22

Apr. 11th, 2009 04:31 pm
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It's been a while since I last literally gaped at the screen. Jaw open, eyes wide, brain on a loop going 'Oh my god. WHAT. No way! OH MY GOD.'

If The Sarah Connor Chronicles isn't renewed, I might melodramatically DIE.
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Ages ago, someone posted a no-holds-barred account of a procedure they'd gone through, with the intention that other people who went on to have it done would know what to expect. I wrote one up about my laser eye surgery, back in July last year. At the time I didn't unlock the entry, because I felt like I was being too critical about the whole thing. But in talking to [livejournal.com profile] me_maneuver about it, I thought it was time to unlock that post.

It's here.

For the record, I am very much pro Laser Eye Surgery. If I was suddenly my old prescription, I would do it again without hesitation. \o/

Tell your friends! Point them here when they're wondering if it's for them. And feel free to ask questions, and I'll answer as frankly as I can.
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Tutoring was so fun! My student has three areas she wanted to work on before the exam in May, and today we fixed one. At the start of the hour, she didn't have a clue how to solve simultaneous equations. The method they use at her school was... not that intuitive. End of the hour? I had her solving 3 variable/3 equation problems.


Same time next week for quadratics. Which, um, I will have to brush up on beforehand.

I recently discovered that teaching is the only profession in which the government will pay you a bursary while you re-train. I could get £225 a week tax free if I was to go into maths, physics or chemistry - the really unpopular ones. And then when you take your first job, you get some unholy amount as a 'golden hello'. I think it's nine grand? I am actually a little bit tempted...
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In a fit of poverty-related ambition last week, I signed up to a tutor website. Theoretically it's an excellent idea - it's a decent rate of pay, and I only signed up for subjects I came out with A grades for... eleven years ago.

I can't remember what I did last week.

I have to teach GCSE Maths in 2 hours.

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[livejournal.com profile] dodificus beat me to the pimping on this, but, look! This is the item I'm auctioning off for the last ever Sweet Charity:

A signed photo of David Hewlett and Kate Hewlett from the 'Meet the Hewletts' event last July in London.

The picture is this one, and it's signed by both David and Kate.
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My mother knows of the existence of youtube! She sent me a link to a video filmed near the parental house in South Wales - it's about sheep, obvsly. I was most amused: they put LED harnesses on the sheep and had them make pictures on the fields. I'd mock these guys' hobby, but it's reached that level of execution that actually makes it fabulous. Sheep art!

And, while I'm on the subject, here are two more that have amused me lately:

This one cracked me up: it's about the man cold phenomenon. My last housemate did this - he'd have to retire to bed for days on end because he sneezed. He was once incapacitated by jet lag for 3 weeks.

This one's had 30 million hits, so you've probably all already seen it. But, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk, as sung by hands. This one is just impressive.

What've you guys been watching lately?


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