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Some thoughts as I watched through the episode for the second time today:

Are the pack still chained up in the train?

"He looks EVIL!" Oh Stiles, your instincts are the best instincts.

Ok, I don't really like Dr Deaton. His Watchering is so half-assed. And his pep talk: 'Peter's going to prey on your insecurities, btw you're incompetent', what? I mean, fair point. But. They need a grown up and Deaton could maybe have BEEN that grown up, but he's more interested in giving out information in tiny, semi-useless packets. He is annoying!


I have some things to say about Stiles and his dad. So, Stilinski claims that he trusts Scott over Stiles, and I just don't buy that. He knows who the brains are of their duo, he knows that the restraining order was against them both, he knows Scott well enough to know that he's a bit of an idiot: he has literally no reason to trust Scott's opinion over Stiles's. I think he's just mad at Stiles and it was a parental disappointment thing. He's less disappointed in Scott, so he's not going to punish him quite like he's going to punish Stiles. And, he shouts Scott's name before he shouts for Stiles when he hears the gunshot, and that suggests to me that he thinks Scott is the one who's more likely to get himself hurt. I don't think he thought about it, I think that was just his instinctive response - to assume that if something lethally stupid just went down then Scott was probably involved over Stiles. Unrelated: I love that he's still wearing his wedding ring.

I've seen people complain that Matt's motivation was weak, but I don't think it is. The PTSD/repression angle works for me. It's a human reason, and yes, some people might react in a really strong way to that kind of trauma, if they didn't get any support for it... And, ugh, I bet Isaac heard 'TELL NO ONE!' quite a few times, too. :(((

SCOTT YOU ARE A FUCKING POTATO. You are on probation, kid.

Could they be any more obvious about the mysterious pillbox of mystery?! Just freaking tell us what it is! Gerard creeps me out so much that I almost can't watch his scenes, especially with the way he's manipulating poor Allison.

Ok, Matt's murder was DARK. :(

But Peter is HOT, so I feel better.

If Mr Stilinski gets some bullshit retrograde-concussion-amnesia I will NOT BE HAPPY.  I want him to knoooow! 

I am having Derek/Peter feels, today. Derek's a mess of insecurity and pain, and I can imagine him being near the point where he will trust Peter just because he's the evil he knows, and he needs SOMEONE. And he's apparently too much of a donut to realise that Stiles is the one he should be trusting, so.
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