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So I spent the day reading Torchwood fic. I listened to a Torchwood audiobook while walking Dex. On the radio on the way home from the park, they played a snippet of an interview with John Barrowman. Come late afternoon, I thought enough was enough and I decided to cook. Yesterday, I bought a huge bag of bananas for thirty English pennies, so I googled banana bread. The first recipe to pop up looked good, so I made it (yum!) and then I noticed that whose recipe is it? John blimmin Barrowman's.

Then I made a chicken pie to provide actual sustenance before I pigged out on banana bread, and stuck on some music so I could dance around in the kitchen. And I spent the entire time plotting Torchwood vids I will never make, to Queen. Seriously, they're cracky, they're gay, everything is (understandably) life and death, and they have lyrics about: being champions of the world (I'm interpreting that in an Angel/BtVS way); not wanting to live forever; 'I love you! (But we only have 14 hours to save the Earth)'; precision with time; imminent death; insatiable appetites; and even the occasional orgasmic groan.

And ok, I'm fine with the universe at large contributing to my current obsession, and my subconscious is clearly on board. But if I dream about Torchwood tonight, can it be something exciting? Last night I dreamt about cleaning grout, so an improvement on that would be nice.
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