Jul. 29th, 2012

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 ... is one where Stiles notices that Derek will read whatever random book is lying around when he lurks in Stiles's room. So, Stiles starts strategically buying self help books and leaving them out. Like, 'How to bond with a child of abuse: an adoptive parent's guide'; and 'sexualisation and exploitation: healthy expressions of femininity', and the books have always moved a little when Stiles finds Derek in his room. And then he notices that the books go missing for days at a time even when Derek doesn't need to see Stiles, and he starts to notice Isaac and Erica being a bit less crazy around school, a bit more grounded. Isaac stops beating on people, and Erica's smiles get less predatory and more genuine.

The next book he buys is called 'Dealing with Grief', because he worries, ok? And he doesn't see Derek for weeks after it disappears from his desk. Then, one day he comes home from school and there it is, sitting by his laptop, and the spine is cracked and the corners soft. Beside it is a book Stiles doesn't recognise: 'Teenage Horndogs: When is your friend's PDA TMI?' and it takes a second but then Stiles laughs out loud. Because Derek's cracking a joke. Derek's making fun. Stiles reads it cover to cover that night and it is full of unlikely and crass scenarios, lovingly detailed with far too many exclamation marks. But it doesn't matter how awful it is; he's smiling the whole time, light hearted.


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