Jul. 27th, 2012

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I had a [personal profile] pennyplainknits today! I did my best to incept her into Teen Wolf. For those of us (cough [personal profile] dodificus cough) who are "still living through the period of confusion prior to the inevitability of falling in love with Stiles" (see primer!), here are my recommendations for what newbies should be forced to watch/read (all spoilery):

Teen Wolf 101 primer by Hello Tailor: "My life was empty and barren, a tragic wasteland wherein I laboured under the assumption that Teen Wolf was a mediocre MTV show populated by a cast of bad actors with great hair. The real honest true truth is that every actor in Teen Wolf has brilliant comic timing (in addition to, yes, great hair), and one of the main characters is played by a guy who, despite having zero previous acting experience, is so talented his that his very presence onscreen is like an icecream scoop directly out of my heart. "

Teen Wolf: Disney Crack edition vid by Asreeshadowskeeper which is fabulous until the very last scene when it becomes epically apt and amazing.

The Teen Wolf Series one gag reel The whole cast is completely adorable. I normally cringe at anything to do with the actors who play the characters in my favourite shows, but these guys are too cute and I am a little bit in love with their little troupe.

Call Me Maybe vid by asreeshadowskeeper - A vid containing a lot of the slashy parts of series one. I'm a big Stiles/Derek fan, but I've got to admit that pretty much all of the guys in this show have slashy moments with pretty much everyone else. IT IS THAT KIND OF SHOW.

A vid by Kreugan which basically takes the piss out of series one, and is adorable. There is a lurking montage! <3

I've linked this before, but this is the beginning of the scene which takes the credit blame for me transitioning from having TW on in the background while I did other things to me desperately refreshing my torrents to see if Monday has miraculously happened while I wasn't looking. 1x09

In other news, I find the exclamations in all of my Twitter notifications really obnoxious. Someone replied to your tweet!!!! Someone mentioned you!!! Man, Twitter is so affection-starved.


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