Aug. 16th, 2009

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  • I have bathed Dex twice today and he still smells unspeakable. I think I could burn my entire house down and still be able to smell fox poo.

  • The pusscat fell into my swingtop bin yesterday, from the counter. I thought cats were supposed to be rather more graceful than that? Lodger Amy and I laughed ourselves sick, and the kitty hung out with the vegetable peel in the bin like, 'I totally meant to do that! Shut up!' Also, she has just had her second round of antibiotics for what were both essentially infected skinned knees. My cat = special.

  • I got on the scales yesterday expecting to have gained, like, 50 kilos. But I still weigh what I weighed when I finished all the manual labour 18 months ago. How?! I am generally squishy all over, particularly in the hip area. It is my wobbly upper arms that bother me, though. I can only conclude that every gram of muscle has migrated and turned to fat. I think I ought to join a gym, as walking the dog is obviously insufficient. This does not please me. Or I could buy weights? Or use the 2 litre bottle of Ribena on my kitchen counter? *experiments, sulkily*

  • I saw the Time Travellers Wife on Friday with Amy. I thought I'd done all my crying over that story when I read the book in Starbucks on lunchbreaks in 2005. Apparently I had not.

  • I have been listening to everything FayJay (aka [info]pandarus) has ever recorded. Consequences of Falling (SPN) was beautiful and amazingly well read, even though I'm not in SPN fandom. The Crown of the Summer Court (Merlin) was hilarious, and had a special effect that was brilliantly executed. I'm currently listening to Tissue of Silver (HP) and am actually rationing myself. I don't think I've ever rationed a podfic before! Long and plotty, with fantastic character voices. So much love.

  • I took a lunchbox to the woods with Dex this morning (shortly before he rolled in the stench) and filled it with blackberries, out of which I have made a huge crumble. Yum! And, practically free, which makes me happy.

  • Is it nearly time for me to get to watch Robert Downey Jr in Holmes yet?



    How about now?


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