May. 2nd, 2009

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First off, I am 'tacit' over on Dreamwidth, not that I've set it up properly yet.

Now, a poll, because who can resist the allure of the opinionated ticky?

The druggy couple AND the bitch couple have all moved out, omg yay! Even better, we've got one replacement tenant from tomorrow, and the other from next weekend. THANK GOD. Here's hoping for harmony and grown-up conflict resolution that doesn't involve whiny calls to their landlord going, 'but he was mean to me!! Come and tell him off! WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO OMG I'M CALLING THE POLICE ON YOU.'

I've only ever properly rented one place that required deposits. When we left, we argued about the amount due back and then got our deposits back after, like, a month. That seemed like it was normal to me?!

[Poll #1393559]

I really wanted to go for option e, but sadly am too wimpy and, you know, bound by law. The tenants, unsurprisingly, all wanted option a. The druggies wanted theirs in cash, so we gave it to them on Friday. The bitches wanted theirs zapped, so we zapped it on Friday. Since then, I've had - count them - three phones calls (which I am now ignoring) and six texts telling me it's outrageous (except it's consistently spelt 'outrages') that they haven't received it yet, even though they moved out on Thursday, omg.

Ok, fine. So they lived with people they didn't like (and probably had good reason not to like). I'm sorry about that. But their problems in the house were not actually my fault. We even offered to mediate the dispute, which is really not our responsibility. They've moved out, can they please move on?! I told them last week that I'd zap it on Friday; I zapped it on Friday... now show some dignity and behave like a grown up. , Also, fucking fuck off, you whiny bitches.


I feel better now.


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