Apr. 17th, 2009

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In a fit of Oh-my-god-if-don't-get-more-money-I'll-starve a few weeks ago, I applied for a job. It's a business mentoring thing plus admin, about 45 minutes away. I had an interview last week, and a second interview this afternoon, and they just texted to say I've got it. I don't know how to feel! It's the only job I applied for, so it's quite an ego boost that I got it. It's only 22 hours a week, so I only have to leave poor Dex home alone for three days a week. And, for a mostly-admin job it does sound not-awful. So, yay?

But then, it's depressing to draw a line under my days of full time self employment. I love my career and I wouldn't be doing anything else if not for the poxy recession. The job sounds ok - but it's definitely a plan b, and I'm actually resenting the new job a bit. Which is absurd. I'll get a regular paycheque! I haven't had one of those since... 2005? Money is good.

Now, if they'd give me money in the quanities it take to put a deposit on a property, I might be more excited.


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