Jan. 14th, 2009

tacit: (Dex at 8 weeks)
Dex ate half a kilo of raisins this morning, which are highly toxic to dogs. I got home soon after he ate them - between half an hour and 90 minutes, depending on when he got into them - and though he's asymptomatic I took him to the vets. They've admitted him and are going to pump his stomach, and put him on a drip until Friday at least. I won't know if he'll live until tomorrow. A handful of raisins can cause kidney failure, and he ate half a kilo.

I AM FREAKING OUT. Reassure me?

Fuck, dear flist.


tacit: (Dex at 8 weeks)
I just called the vet for an update, and he's still asymptomatic. Which is a good sign! \o/ He could still go seriously south, but I'm encouraged. Also, I asked if I could come and take him out for an hour tmrw and have a good run with him so he doesn't go too crazy, and they're fine with the idea, provided he's still asymptomatic. That's the thing that's been upsetting me the most - he hates being cooped up, especially cooped up without ppl around. The only thing that sorts him out is tons of exercise. So, yay! I feel tons better.

Thanks for the kind thoughts this morning, I really needed the moral support!

And now I'm off to the cinema for the evening, see you all on the flip side. *hugs Internet hard*


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