Jan. 8th, 2009

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I had young Dex neutered on Monday. Now that the dressing's come off, he just wants to lick and lick... he hates the lampshade the vet gave me to put around his neck, so I'd hate to have to put him in it 24 hours a day. It's not the stitches, it's his balls - what's left of them -  that are getting red and enflamed. I think it's only a matter of time before he breaks the skin... is there anything anyone can suggest to stop him licking? Bones and toys only occupy him for so long. Any creams I can put on to make it taste bad? Without irritating it further, obviously. Am I allowed to re-dress is so he doesn't have easy access? Presumably the vet took the dressing off for a good reason.

I've told him to leave it, which is a command he fully understands. Now he just looks at me to see if I'm within distance before the licking commences. We're annoying the crap out of each other!

I also had the kitty done, and she is good as gold.

Cats > dogs.

ETA: I rang the vets, and the receptionist (highest level of authority available) said he just had to wear the collar 24 hours a day. Which... Well.

Son of ETA: I went to the vets in person so I could menace them until they came up with an answer more to my liking. And they gave me some steroid cream to stop his balls itching so much. \o/ He wagged like mad when I rubbed it on, which felt a bit wrong to me...

I also got a different collar because the last one was a touch too small and if he really exerted himself, licking was still possible. So now he's even more ungainly and is having an even harder time navigating the house without crashing into doorways/chairs/tables. Which is one part amusing, two parts pitiful.


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